Events such as weddings, birthday parties, high school reunions, charities, expos, and other corporate events, do not happen regularly. And as a host, you have to make sure people participating in these events, both guests and performers, get the proper fun and enjoyment. Clicking pictures, both solo and in groups, has become the norm at every party and other social gathering. 

People click pictures of these gatherings to collect something tangible that they can recall later and relive the moments they have spent enjoying. And to aid the guests in this, i.e., clicking fabulous pictures, a photo booth is the ideal thing you can bring into your event.

Photo booths are decorated with the right lighting, background, and props that your guests can make use of and click beautiful and unique pictures. 

Photo booths are not new in the business, though. They have been in use for quite some years now and growing in popularity every passing day. People love it, and the fact that they can use it for clicking wonderful pictures is the main reason these businesses are growing rapidly. 

Today, photo booth businesses are cramming, and if you search for something like “best photo booths,” a whole lot of businesses will show up. Choosing one from all of them can be very confusing and tricky. So, here, we have come up with a few tips to help you select the right photo booth for your wedding or other events.

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Know Your Event

First, know your event type. It’s true that photo booths work well for every event. However, not every provider of this service will be right for your event. Some businesses specialize in providing photo booth services for weddings, while some others cater to corporate events best. So, know your event type. 

If it’s a wedding or anniversary event, you would need a photo booth whose decorations and props will be apt and suitable for weddings. The colors, lights, and ambiance will be just right for creating amazing wedding pictures. Or, if it’s a corporate event, the ambiance will be somewhat different than that of a wedding. 

Know what event you are having and search for photo booths that will cater to your event type. Also, take a look at the photo booth kiosks that the company is offering and check if they would be suitable for your event.

Know the Space

How much space are you working with? Some venues have limited space, and accommodating a photo booth can be difficult, if not impossible. Events such as teen events can do with a limited space where there would not be much room for portable photo booths. Modern ‘open-air’ type photo stations have a small footprint, particularly the mirror-style booth.

Apart from this, you need to know about the backdrop size too. Often photo booth backdrops can be over 10 feet long and tall, requiring proper wall space to set it. 

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Know Your Budget 

Like every other thing in an event, you will have a budget set for photo booths as well. So, after you have set the right type of booth and have gauged the space, you will have to further narrow the prospective photo booths down to the budget you have set for it.

However, always keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. Some booths can claim to provide exceptional services at a very low price. You’ll do better if you do not trust them. Or, if you want to go for the cheaper one, you must first check their kiosks, how they look or what features they offer. Will there be provisions for instant editing? Do the booths actually meet your demands? 

These are some of the most important questions that you need to ask when you talk with a photo booth service provider. Some of the other questions you need to ask the photo booth service provider are:

  • Will the photo booth service be present the entire time or only for limited hours?
  • Will there be a dedicated attendant the whole time?
  • What’s exactly included? Will there be scrapbooks, frames, and unlimited prints?

Ask for Photographs Prior to Booking

Sometimes, the photo booth service provider would have their set up quite far away, and it won’t be possible for you to take time out of your busy schedule and visit the booths physically. When you choose such a booth because it promises to provide just the right services that you are looking for, you must ask for photographs of their kiosks. Do not just settle for a photo booth service just because they have put up an attractive website. 

After checking all the above criteria, you must ask for pictures of their kiosks. Take a look at all the pictures, and then settle for the one that’s attractive and you think will make a great addition to your event.

It’s a Wrap

Photo booths have become very common for every type of event, and with the growing popularity of photo booths, there are a lot of businesses that are beginning to provide such services, with each one claiming to be better than others. In this scenario, choosing the right photo booth matters, and you can go through the above tips to select the best photo booth that would be just the right fit for your event. 

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