Best Places to Take Pre-Wedding Pictures In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for weddings. There are few other venues that can match this scenic natural wonder. So, treat your family with a picturesque destination wedding that will surely be unique and memorable. To make sure you can take the most striking pictures, check out the following locations that can serve as your backdrops.

Sand Harbor

This is one of the most iconic spots for your pre-wedding photos in Lake Tahoe. If you want an artistic way to announce your engagement, it is easy to take breathtaking pictures in this location. You can pose at the water’s edge or underneath one of the many cedar trees by the lakeside. You can also perch at one of the large boulders. Meanwhile, if you want to capture photos that have a carefree vibe, you can dip your toes into the crystal clear waters.

Truckee River

If you want to showcase the beauty of the area without going to the lake itself, Truckee River is a good alternative. This area is popular with those who are looking for a whitewater adventure. The beautiful waters and the thick foliage on the riverbank help to set the scene. This location is ideal for both pre-wedding photos and videos.

Crystal Cove

Another great location in Lake Tahoe for awe-inspiring photos is Crystal Cove. The snow-capped mountains in this location would make the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photographs. It comes as no surprise that it is a favorite of photographers in the Lake Tahoe region. Aside from the mountain range, the trees and crystal clear waters help make the scenery more romantic.

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay is another stunning natural backdrop. At certain times of the day, the entire area is painted in shades of blue. This creates a dramatic scene in the enclosed bay that also adds a touch of romance to your pictures. If you are looking for a location that encapsulates the beauty of Lake Tahoe, there is no better choice than this one.

Bonsai Rock

Are you planning to pose with your partner against a dramatic-looking sunset? Bonsai Rock is a remote spot in Lake Tahoe that offers jaw-dropping natural scenery that will definitely make your photos stand out. The color of the sunset beaming through the water and hilly landscape can make your pictures come alive.

Cave Rock

Cave Rock is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy a 360-degree view of the lake area. When you have your photo shoot on this spot, you’ll get the chance to highlight its beauty. It will require a bit of a hike to get to this point, though. But the spectacular beauty of the scenery is worth it.

Tahoe Rim Trail

If you and your spouse-to-be are outdoor lovers, this location is a great way to showcase that in your photos. Be advised that this one is a bit different from other Lake Tahoe locations. Instead of being on the river bank or shore, it is located at a higher elevation. It will be a bit more challenging to get to, but the amazing photos you can take are surely going to be a big hit with your wedding guests.

The Rocks at Sand Harbor

This is not exactly a different place on Lake Tahoe. It is merely another perspective of the same location, which is Sand Harbor. In this area, you do not have to look directly towards the sunset. You can highlight the rocks instead for a unique look.

Sand Point

This location is on the opposite side of Sand Harbor. The great thing about Sand Point is that this spot alone is not the only place to take your photos in. You can find many photogenic corners around the area. The best time to visit it is during sunset so you can have a stunning setting for your pictures.

East Shore

This side of Lake Tahoe features picturesque rock formations and beaches. Like Sand Point, you can also get breathtaking photos during sunset here. If you are looking for dramatic photos with a romantic appeal, the location can instantly set the mood.

Eagle Falls

This spot can be found on top of Emerald Bay. It is a rocky area with spectacular views of the waterfall down below. If you want something that showcases your adventurous spirit, there is no better location than this. You can also get a view of the beautiful scenery that surrounds the lake.

Fannette Island

It is a small island in the middle of the lake. You can see this green oasis from atop Emerald Bay. While it provides a lovely background for your pre-wedding photos, it can also be a great shoot location in itself. This little island will require some logistical planning to visit, however. But it is well worth the effort as you can set the scene for ethereal-looking images.

Eagle Point Treeline

You can find this location outside of the Eagle Point camping ground. From this area, you can enjoy views that are nothing short of epic. The great thing about this spot is that it is great for a shoot any time of the day. You can get more flexibility with planning your visit without compromising on the results.

Rubicon Bay

There are several piers in Rubicon Bay that would make for a great spot for your photos. No matter which one you choose, you can expect to get a subtle and surreal vibe to your pictures. You can even shoot on a gloomy morning or during dusk to capture the intense color of the sky. This creates more detail to the composition of the images, making them memorable and gorgeous.


If you have included Emerald Bay as part of your pre-wedding shoot, it is a must to visit Vikingsholm. You must follow a short trail known as the Rubicon Trailhead that will lead you directly to this location for a great sunrise photo shoot. Make sure to take pictures along the beach and on the pier. The resulting images are sure to be romantic and breathtaking.

The Tahoe Photo Bus

Once you have your pre-wedding photoshoot taken care of, you might want to consider next the type of photo booth you’ll be having at your reception. For a unique and highly memorable choice, check out the Tahoe Photo Bus.

This is a bus that will be parked at your wedding venue. It will contain loads of quirky and fun props and is fully decked out with high-quality photography equipment. This is one photobooth that will wow your guests! For more details about the photo bus, contact us.