Top 10 Reasons to Tie the Knot in Reno

Choosing an excellent place to get married involves a lot of considerations for couples to make. The choice of the place is mostly influenced by the couple’s personalities, social status, priorities, theme, budget, and many other factors.

The place where a couple gets married has a strong impact on the kind of wedding the couple would like to portray. For those who prefer something simpler, the budget is the most important factor to consider in choosing the place where they would like to wed.

Why get married in Reno?

Reno is one place that fully embraces the Basque culture and heritage with festivals, monuments, and restaurants. If you are wishing to tie the knot, why not consider this place? It can cater to a wide range of requirements and goes above and beyond as a wedding destination.

1. Little Big City In The World

Today, Reno is among the famous places in the world where couples want to get married. It is known as the biggest little city in the world and popular for its casinos and hotels. Aside from being known for its extreme partying activities, Reno is also identical with weddings.

2. Fantastic Tourist Attractions

Reno is often overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas; however, the place has a lot to offer. Because it is just near Lake Tahoe with several ski resorts, it is a perfect destination for many outdoor activities.

The magnificent tourist spots in the area are perfect places to bring your guests and have fun for your pre and post wedding activities. You can visit the National Automobile Museum, Animal Ark, Nevada Museum of Art, Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, Reno Air Races, Nevada Historical Society Museum, Reno Arch, Lake Tahoe, The Discovery and the Fleischmann Atmospherium Planetarium, National Bowling Stadium, and Sparks Heritage Museum.

3. Cozy and Luxurious Hotels

Experience world-class service in luxurious hotels with state-of-the-art amenities for you and your guests. Pamper yourself with elegant and exclusive SPAs where you can relax after a long day. You can also indulge yourself at the classy restaurants in the hotel and enjoy delectable international cuisines. Listen to good music at the entertainment bars where you can have a drink or two with the wedding party or with your partner.

4. Great Food

Reno is also home to appetizing food as restaurants are growing in the city. You can choose from a wide array of worldwide cuisines to suit your taste and cravings at any moment. You will be assured of authentic cooking in all popular restaurants in Reno. Indulge in a wonderful dining experience!

You will never run out of choices of your favorite food because of the presence of many good restaurants offering authentic dishes. Fine dining, informal meals, and fast food will satisfy your taste buds as you enjoy all the delicious food together with the love of your life and guests.

5. Wonderful Nature

Reno is full of wonderful nature sites. You can spend a day or two in these popular spots – Wilbur D May Arboretum & Botanical Garden, Hunter Creek Waterfall Trail, Callahan Park, Virginia Park Lake, Huffaker Park And Mountain Trail, Hidden Valley Regional Park, Mayberry Park, New Reno Arch, Audrey Harris Park, and Galena Creek Regional Park.

6. Great Outdoor Activities

Since Reno has lots of beautiful pockets of nature as mentioned above, that makes it a perfect place for doing outdoor activities with your partner together with your guests. You can do biking, hiking, skiing, bowling, picnicking, and many more fun and interesting events. Enjoy the fresh air and clean environment.

7. Spectacular Shopping Experience

Shopping is one of the favorite activities of visitors who come to Reno. This is not a surprise because Reno has it all. You can shop all you want for your favorite brands of bags, shoes, clothing apparels, wallets, accessories, jewelry, and many more fantastic items from the city’s classy boutiques. Bring home tasteful souvenir items that will surely be appreciated by your families and friends.

8. Quick Wedding Process

Getting married in Reno is often a no-fuss event. Easy and quick weddings are possible as provided by state law. The couple does not need to wait for long periods, no blood tests are required, and an extended hour is made available for marriage certificates to be official. Reno has a wide selection of chapels that are flower-bedecked as well.

9. Talented Local Photographers

A talented photographer is essential to any wedding as they will be responsible for documenting all of the beautiful moments in the event. No need to look far and wide for one if you decide to get married in Reno. You have plenty of choices in the area and you can be sure to have amazing photos of your wedding.

10. Affordable Wedding Venues

Finding a great wedding venue at affordable prices in Reno is not a problem. These places offer you the best location to say your “I do’s”:

➢       Twenty Mile House – This is a secluded and private estate situated in Graeagle, California. Couples and guests can make lifetime memories in this venue with a lovely backdrop of mountain skies, enchanting creeks, and magnificent gardens.

➢       Claire Tappaan Lodge – A professional venue for weddings that provides couples with an affordable and unique outdoor spot to say their “I do’s”.

➢       Sugar Bowl Resort – This is a beautiful alpine resort. It is a picturesque and beautiful venue with delectable gourmet food and polite staff.

➢       Nakoma Resort – Perched on top of the attractive Feather River, which is surrounded by the mountain of Sierra Nevada, this is a peaceful wedding venue.

➢       Lake Tahoe Bleu Wave – This beautiful place can give you a memorable wedding ceremony that will last you a lifetime.

➢       Sierra-at-Tahoe – This is a rural mountain resort ideal for weddings, photo shoots, and stunning proposals. It has gorgeous views of Mt. Ralston, Pyramid Peak, and Desolation Wilderness.

➢       Peppermill Resort – They offer a spa, fantastic restaurants, a casino, as well as grand ballrooms for an enjoyable wedding weekend.

➢       Montbleu Resort and Spa – a banquet hall venue for weddings with a scenic backdrop of sparkling Lake Tahoe and Nevada Range.

➢       Whitney Peak Hotel – They provide a full-service event and wedding venue, which specializes in receptions and wedding ceremonies.

➢       River House Retreat – They offer a retreat cabin for couples in search of a gorgeous place for their wedding celebration. It has spectacular river views.

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