10 Best Places To Take A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Reno

A wedding celebration is one of the most momentous events in the life of a person. The bride and the groom, together with their families and friends, make all efforts to make the event a meaningful one. Thorough planning and preparation are essential keys to achieve a successful wedding ceremony.

Among the things that couples often prepare for is the pre-wedding photo shoot. Naturally, you would want beautiful photos that you can highlight at the reception and treasure for the rest of your lives. Now, if you have decided to get married in Reno and are looking for great locations for the prenup photoshoot, you’ve come to the right place!

Where to Do a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Reno?

Reno is a fantastic place. It is situated in the northwestern part of Nevada close to the state line of California, and it boasts of having over five million tourists a year. The place offers a huge range of attractions and entertainment spots. You can enjoy the fun of hot-air balloon rides, car shows, bowling tournaments, concerts, and more. Of course, Reno offers a number of beautiful locations, too. These are especially perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot:

1. Wilbur D May Arboretum & Botanical Garden

When you enter the place, you will easily notice a special aura. This place is full of lovely garden layouts, diverse plant species, and greenery that changes with the season. It is a splendid location worth considering for your pre-wedding photoshoot!

2. Hunter Creek Waterfall Trail

This waterfall trail is becoming more popular each year. That is because of its proximity to the city center, which makes it possible to trek to after your work during long summers and spring evenings.

The trail has clear marks which make it easy to follow. The accessibility and quality of the road are also enticing factors for tourists to visit this famous place. The magnificent sceneries while you hike the trail definitely lend themselves very well on photographs. Taking a lot of romantic pictures with a gorgeous backdrop is not a problem at all.

3. Callahan Park

This is a 25-acre spectacular park that lays beside the Virginia Range foothills, at the south end going to the Ranch Road of Callahan. The park has beautiful picnic sites, horseshoe pits, BBQs, two playground areas, and open turf. It is close to Galena Creek track and also has water fountains, benches, group picnic spaces, individual picnic sites, and pathway throughout. All of which will make stunning backdrops for your pre-wedding photos!

4. Virginia Park Lake

Located at the west part of Peppermill Hotel, the park has wide playgrounds, football/soccer fields, picnic houses and tables, a path for jogging or walking, barbeques, exercise areas, restrooms, and most of all the big lake where a lot of prenup photoshoots happen.

5. Huffaker Park And Mountain Trail

This mountain trail provides an exciting stroll around through two hills, which are adjacent to the park located in the suburban area of south Reno. It is a haven of undeveloped ground with spectacular views from all sides. Feel free to take loads of photos as you traverse the trail!

6. Hidden Valley Regional Park

This is a beautiful family park with plenty of features that are created to accommodate different types of recreational activities, including photoshoots. The park is located at the east side of Reno, between Virginia Range and Hidden Valley area.

7. Mayberry Park

This park is a lovely day-use amenity with many individual picnic areas, a group area that is non-reservable, hiking trails, paved bike paths, and fishing access to the Truckee River. Among the popular activities are bird watching, bike riding, hiking, picnicking, and river tubing.

This beautiful park is handicap-friendly and is located four miles of Reno West. Mayberry Park is also home to a huge variety of animal and plant species. Want a photoshoot in the midst of nature? This place may just be what you are looking for.

8. New Reno Arch

The Arch is an iconic landmark in Reno and was constructed in 1926 to honor the Victory Highways and Lincoln completion. The existing arch was erected in 1987 and then was retrofitted in 2009 with additional lights. The latest revision of the arch was in 2018, transforming the design scheme to silver and blue. It is a famous feature in downtown Reno displaying the famous city’s motto: “The Biggest Little City In The World.”

If you want your photoshoot theme to be all about city lights, history, or featuring Reno, then do consider this place.

9. Audrey Harris Park

This park has a breathtaking view. Once considered “outside the country,” this cute park is located close to the Bratley Park and is among the best locations to see the spectacular night lights of Reno. For decades, many people come here because it is a famous site. Romantically, there have been so many marriage proposals that were made here than any other place in town. The area is well-landscaped with walking paths and benches for night or day photoshoots.

10. Galena Creek Regional Park

This is a year-round popular park. You can enjoy walking in Sierra beside Galena, Whites, and Jone’s creeks. You can visit the place in winter and go skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing. Nestled in a well-vegetated area of Sierra Nevada along the eastern slope, this place is 7 miles away from the Rose Highway.

This is an astonishing place for winter recreation activities. If you want your photoshoot to be all about romance in the snow, this park is an excellent choice.

Photo Bus for Your Wedding Venue

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