Sacramento, California: 10 Reasons Why It’s A Great Place To Get Married

When you get married, you would want everything to be memorable not just for you but also for everyone who will witness that special moment of your life. Everything about your wedding must be perfect, from the smallest detail of the decorations to what the guests should wear. Of course, the location of the wedding also plays a huge part. Which place is great for you to tie the knot?|

Why Get Married In Sacramento?

In the state of California, one of the great places where you can have your wedding is in Sacramento. This city has a lot to offer. It carries a rich heritage and aside from being a great spot for a city adventure, it is also a fantastic place for romance and commitment.

Why is Sacramento a great place to get married? Here are some of the reasons why you must consider saying your vows in Sacramento:

1. The Magnificent Sacramento Downtown


One of the most remarkable thing about downtown Sacramento is how it’s laid out with its alpha-numeric grid that makes it easy for you to go around. The North to South streets is in numerical order while the East to West streets is in alphabetical order.

Since it is downtown, it plays as the heart of the city. When you take a stroll around, it’s as if you travel back in time as you visit the Old Sacramento. The city’s downtown is also a great place to experience the area’s culture. You can enjoy some fine food as well, which is perfect if you have wedding guests who will be arriving earlier than the set date or are staying a bit longer.

2. Beautiful Sacramento River


Known as the largest river in California, and once named as the “Nile of the West,” the Sacramento River stretches from near Mount Shasta up to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It is 384 miles long and has plenty to offer.

You can go cruising along the river and enjoy the magnificent nature views. You can also go for a walk along the walking trail by the river and revel in the beautiful surrounding greens and blues. Best of all, the riverbanks can be a great spot for your pre-nuptial photoshoot!

3. Accessible Outdoor Activities

If you and your significant other live an active lifestyle and want to enjoy some fun outdoor activities before you tie the knot, Sacramento offers you various choices such as hiking, biking, golfing, running, water sports, and many more. You can also go exploring and sightseeing. You might even want to visit the zoo.

4. Excellent Hotels

When it comes to accommodation for you and your guests, Sacramento has multiple hotels around that can offer you quite a quality service and pleasant hotel experience. There are also hotels that are pet-friendly for those who will be bringing their furbabies.

5. Great Music and Entertainment


Music is life, as they say. Sacramento understands this very well. It is a place that gives people plenty of opportunities to enjoy great music. Expect to find nice spots that play live music, which you and your significant other, as well as your family and friends, can take the pleasure in.

Music events are not strangers to Sacramento either as the city holds many of these every year. You can attend some of these music events around the time of your wedding and just relax, have fun, and enjoy the different vibes and emotions these events may offer.

6. Plenty of Historical Spots

The city has a rich history and it would be a waste if you miss the historical spots within the city’s borders. There are so many stories that you can learn and revel in. Old Sacramento, in particular, is a great hub to experience the city’s glorious heritage. Know more about how this town came to be and how it has developed over time by visiting museums and historical landmarks.

Worth checking out is the Old Sacramento Historic District, Wells Fargo Museum, The California State Military Museum, and the Sacramento History Museum.


7. Exciting Sports Teams


If sports is one of the things that you and your partner bond over with, then being in Sacramento and getting married there is great as this city is home to many professional sports teams. From professional basketball to soccer to baseball teams and more, you can easily have the sports entertainment that you want and enjoy the thrill of watching a few games with your partner.

8. Delicious Food

The city of Sacramento is also home to loads of delicious food! Getting married here means you do not have to worry about the catering or restaurants to hold your rehearsal dinner in. In fact, Sacramento is considered as the up-and-coming food hub in California in 2018. This is because a wide variety of ingredients pass through the city’s markets, as evidenced by the number of chefs and restaurateurs who go there to buy food items.

More talent and investment are pouring into the city now, which means you can expect more restaurants to grow. The food industry in Sacramento will continue blossoming and this is something that will definitely benefit the wedding scene as well.


9. The “City Of Trees”

Nicknamed as the “City of Trees,” Sacramento is filled with different species of trees that cover almost a quarter of the city. This provides nature lovers awesome opportunities to appreciate the fresh air and the shades the trees provide. You can also have your wedding photoshoot underneath these magnificent trees or have them as your beautiful background.

10. Photographers and Photobooths

Of course, when you want to get married in Sacramento, you would need great and amazing photographers to capture this incredible moment of your life. There are talented photographers you can hire to document your wedding and capture the emotions during the celebration. And if you want a photo booth in your reception, there are plenty of choices for you and your guests to enjoy.