The Most Gorgeous Locations for Pre-Wedding Photoshoots in Sacramento

Of course, you want your pre-wedding photos to come out perfectly. So you’ll need to have a photoshoot somewhere beautiful and romantic because your chosen location would greatly affect how stunning your pictures can look. Where in Sacramento should you go then so you can take gorgeous pre-wedding photos?

Stunning Locations in Sacramento for Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

Sacramento is not just a great place to explore with its historical background and locations as well as its beautiful parks where you can spend time with family and friends. It is also a lovely setting for your pre-wedding photos. The city has several fantastic spots that can offer you the best backgrounds for your photoshoot. Below are some of the amazing places that you can use as a backdrop for your images:

  • William Land Park (near Sacramento Zoo)

 If you want your pre-wedding photos to circle around the beauty of nature, William Land Park is a great choice for you. It is dotted with eucalyptus and oak trees amid green rolling hills adjacent to a golf course. You can visit it at any time of the week and parking is spacious and free.

  • Folsom Truss Bridge

 Built in the year 1983 and reconstructed in the year 2000, the Folsom Truss Bridge looks over the American River. This spot adds impact to your pre-wedding photos with its historical essence. The entirety of this location provides you with great spots for your photoshoot. Taking your pictures during sunset can make them look extra romantic.

  • Capitol Building and International Peace Rose Garden

 This nature-filled location does not just offer you a fantastic day of exploring, it also gives you an exceptional background for your pictures. It has different kinds of flowers, bamboo groves, and fountains that can serve as romantic accents for your photos. There are also benches that you can lounge on and some statues for added interest. You can visit the place for your photo shoot at any time of the day just as long as the lighting is amazing, but make sure there is no event taking place.

  • Willow Creek Recreation Area

 If you want to have a fairytale effect for your images, then the Willow Creek Recreation Area is the best place for you. The location has paths with trees lined-up, giving your pictures a poetic look. There is also a small bridge and little rock islands complemented with tree logs scattered on the ground. You can also take advantage of the boat dock for a nice photo with a water background.

  • K Street

 If you are more into having a city vibe in your pre-wedding photos, the K Street Mall can offer you that. The spot is great for a blurry city background that gives you a nice bokeh effect in your pictures. The place can be too crowded sometimes, but you can go into some of its alleys that have some bold backdrops for an urban feel.

  • Fair Oaks Bridge

 The bridge is popular with Sacramento photographers due to its undeniable and mesmerizing beauty. This red bridge is surrounded by tall green trees set against a deep blue river and golden grassland. During the fall season, the foliage can turn the whole location wondrous as if it is part of a fairytale.

  • Old Sacramento

If you want to add some historical interest in your pre-wedding effects, Old Sacramento is a great place to be. The building facades and alleyways can serve as picturesque backdrops. The Train Depot is amazing, as well as the Delta King boat, although it only allows limited access. You can have your photoshoot during the weekdays around two to five in the afternoon if you are not comfortable with many people around as weekends can get too crowded.

  • Tsakopoulos Library Galleria

 Is the weather not really agreeing with you? Do you want your pre-wedding photos to have an indoor theme? There’s nothing to worry about as you can go to Tsakopoulos Library Galleria. The centerpiece of the Galleria is the tri-colored terrazzo. It also features hundreds of inlaid designs that can serve as outstanding backdrops. The winding staircases and the enormous windows also provide a nice touch of a romantic indoor vibe.

  • Gibson Ranch County Park

 The park is best for a photoshoot either during sunrise or sunset as the light provides a mesmerizing golden effect on the area. It has open spaces with great views and there are also horses, barns, old oak trees, and a small lake that add to the ambiance.

  • Fair Oaks Village


This location is just right outside Sacramento, but it does not mean that it can’t be in the list. There are various spots in this little village that can serve as amazing backgrounds for your pre-wedding pictures. There are coffee shops and antique stores that can add a vintage effect to your images.

  • WPA Rock Garden


This garden may literally be inside the Land Park, but it has its own zip code. It features various plants and small ponds in the center, along with willow trees and winding paths. All of these provide an exceptional-looking, nature-friendly background. The best time of the day for a photoshoot is during sunset as the whole garden looks magical.